Here’s what I wrote for the first post on this blog; it seems to still fit:

So, I decided to start this blog to comment on and share things about various topics that interest me (radical politics, politics in general, economics, the labor movement, and probably lots of other things), for a few reasons. The first is that I think there needs to be more commentary from a radical perspective challenging liberal and conservative dominance. The second is that writing is one of the best ways to figure out exactly what it is that you think. So this is a public space for me to do that. Posts should be viewed as a work in progress. Finally, I’m doing it because I often want to say more than 140 characters will allow, and doing it anonymously because I feel a bit hamstrung otherwise – concern about employers or employment prospects have limited (or probably should have limited) my ability to publicly say what I really wanted to say. If you somehow stumble upon this, welcome!

Maybe one change: pseudonymously rather than anonymously – you can call me Kris Covel.


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