Union Presidents Shouldn’t Make More Than Their Members

I can’t decide if the Stern Burger with Fries blog is an anti-union front or legitimate rank-and-file criticism, though I lean towards the latter. In either case, it seems to be run by a (former?) member who holds a personal grudge and is willing to stretch the truth to make a valid point. For instance, this post wrongly calls reserves “profits” and says SEIU-UHW practices “for-profit unionism” and has a higher profit margin “than Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola,” but at the same time it deserves credit for calling out the union’s over-paid officials. (It’s hard to call them “labor leaders” when it seems most of the elected positions at SEIU are filled by former staffers, like its president Mary Kay Henry who started off as a researcher for the union in 1980.) Also, it is interesting to hear that the constitution of the National Union of Healthcare Workers (which split from SEIU) apparently “blocks the union’s president and staff from earning more than the union’s members.” This is something that every union should do.

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