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IWW Negotiating with Employers

New Syndicalist has a piece on how we – the IWW – negotiate with employers, and it starts off with this very practical recognition: “While the preamble makes clear that ‘the employing class and the working class have nothing in … Continue reading

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We Are Attracted to Shiny Things

This article at Jacobin correctly identifies the “potentially enormous political and economic power” of workers in the “logistics” (transportation) industry, even if it downplays the weak position of these workers. It advocates for bringing more and more of these workers into … Continue reading

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FF15: Much Ado About Nothing

At least inside the echo chamber of people who forgot, never had the chance to see, or never learned what a real worker-led labor movement looks like. Unfortunately, publicist-choreographed, money-guzzling, one-day show strikes that are geared toward television crews and getting Hillary … Continue reading

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Sweatshops, Worker Cooperatives, and Capitalism

As just about everyone knows, most of our clothes are made by people – sometimes children – who work in deplorable conditions and receive little pay for their long, long hours of work. Sometimes, because of employers’ neglect of basic … Continue reading

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