Wait, Am I a Maoist?

No, but damned if I don’t find myself more and more in agreement with this kind of thinking:

“I don’t believe there is one true party line that every movement has to have. The Maoist view is better: let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred tactics bloom. Let some people go into politics and other people not go into politics, let some people work above ground and others not. You know, you have the Underground Railroad, you have people working illegally, but you also have people working totally legally and openly. There’s no one correct tactic. The more different tactics you have, the better.”

That’s historian Eric Foner talking about the abolitionist movement, in a great discussion in Jacobin about Reconstruction after the U.S. Civil War. It is similar to this comment by Malatesta, which I had just mentioned a little while ago:

“For my part, I believe there is no ‘single solution’ to social problems, but a thousand different and varying ones, just as the life of society, in time and space, is diverse and changeable.”

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