Nicholas Kristof Was Wrong about Unions

I was originally going to title this post “Nicholas Kristof Is Still a Neoliberal Bastard,” prompted by coming across several laborite/leftist mentions of Kristof’s recent column mildly standing up for unions. That would be true, but in the short time I’ve been thinking about this I’ve realized it is not the main point I want to make. Instead, I want to note that any shift leftward, no matter how small, is a good thing. Kristof continues to be a neoliberal bastard, usually focusing on the wrong problems. But the fact that he can admit that he was wrong about unions – which essentially means the free market program is wrong – gives me a little hope for people I tend to think of as hopeless. There are still great leaps to be made in his thinking before it approaches anything resembling sense or solidarity; his admission is riddled with hedging, demonstrating just how partial his reformation is. Nonetheless, this is a good thing, primarily because it may cause other neoliberal bastards to admit they were wrong as well.

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